Which Are Better? Company Or Sole Trader Business Structures?

Choosing the right structure is essential when starting a Business.

The two most common Business structures, corporations, and sole proprietorships will be discussed in this article. We’ll wrap off with some tips for running your Company Or Sole .


Due to the lack of a formal establishment requirement, many people decide to run their firms as sole proprietorships. Start trading is all that is required. Hiring or contracting workers might help with the workload as the Business grows. Tax regulations and other laws still apply to all businesses, despite the fact that there are fewer compliance obligations.

Yet, being a sole proprietor has a number of disadvantages. The most important one is a complete personal responsibility. Personal belongings like a car, house, or savings may need to be sold in order to settle debts if the Company Or Sole encounters financial difficulties and owes money to creditors. Sole proprietor liability insurance is suggested as a result. Also, when running a Business Structure as a lone proprietor, it could be difficult to find investors or hire workers.


Step 1: Get an IRD number.

Every Company Or Sole in New Zealand needs to have an Inland Revenue Department (IRD) number. Online or on paper, you have two options for applying for an IRD number. You must submit your personal information, including your name, address, and phone number.

Step 2: Get GST-registered

You must register for the Goods and Services Tax if you anticipate that your firm will generate more than NZ$60,000 annually (GST). In New Zealand, there is a tax on the consumption of goods and services known as GST. You have two options for registering for GST: online or on paper.

Step 3: Choose a company name

Picking a company name is a crucial step in starting a Business Structure. Your Company Or Sole name needs to be distinctive, memorable, and associated with your industry. On the Companies Office website, you may see if your selected business name is available.

Establish a business bank account in step four.

It’s crucial to keep your personal finances and corporate finances separate. Any bank in New Zealand will allow you to open a Business Structures bank account. Your IRD number, Company Or Sole name, and other pertinent details must be provided.

 step five: Get all required licenses and permits in

You might need to obtain particular licenses and permits depending on the nature of your Business Structures operations. For instance, you must obtain a liquor license if you intend to sell alcohol. On the business website of the New Zealand government, you can look up the requirements for your industry.


A firm, on the other hand, has a unique legal personality because it is incorporated. Because contracts and hiring choices are made by the Business Structures , it has a flexible organizational structure that allows for co-founders or outside investment. Businesses also have limited liability, which generally means that if they owe money, it’s the Company Or Sole —not the founder—that has to make the payments.

Directors have obligations and compliance requirements under the Companies Act, such as maintaining accurate Company Or Sole records and acting in the best interest of the Company Or Sole and in good faith, even if it is simple and affordable to register a company using the NZ Companies Office website.

The ideal corporate structure is determined by the requirements of the particular Business Structures. A firm is typically a good fit if it wants to grow, may need finance, faces risks or liability if something goes wrong, and wants to protect itself against those risks.
Yet, some businesses or sectors could choose different forms, including limited partnerships and trusts. Companies can change their organizational structure later, but doing so may result in expenses or lost opportunities. It is advised to consult a specialist or undertake online research. If signing personal guarantees is necessary, they should be avoided, and contracts should be entered into only have you have consulted a professional.

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