What to Do in El Paso Texas

Traveling is one of the nicest things a person can do, but with the present worldwide epidemic, our options are pretty limited. Traveling is good for our bodies and our souls, but it costs money. This does not, however, imply that you must spend all of your money in order to go somewhere that can be both enjoyable and relaxing at the same EL Paso.

In today’s article, we’ll discuss EL Paso, Texas, a place that has a lot to offer and is, in our opinion, reasonably priced for everyone. In order to assist you, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most intriguing locations that travellers found to be of particular interest in El Paso in 2023.

The Art Museum

The Museum of Art is one of the first places we suggest you visit if you happen to be an art enthusiast and you ever find yourself in El Paso, Texas. It’s a family-friendly location where you can view many of interesting stuff, so bringing your kids along won’t be a problem at all. We believe that out of all cultural locations, this one will be the most enjoyable to visit. Since we value all forms of art equally, we advise you to visit all the other art venues if you have the time.

The El Paso Zoo

There is still another benefit to bringing your children here. Youngsters will have a great time interacting with the animals at the Zoo, and admission is not at all pricey. Also, they offer certain built-in discounts for families and kids, so that also works in your advantage. The Zoo is well-equipped and has a lot to see. This is your chance to fully experience a zoo garden if you are from a nation without one.

The Plaza Theatre

Don’t allow the fact that it was built in 1930 fool you into thinking you’ll be sitting in a shabby, dusty location; this is one of El Paso, Texas’ coolest spots. The theatre had a comprehensive renovation and restoration in 2006, bringing it back to its former glory without damaging some of its most distinctive features. The hall can accommodate between 2100 and 2200 people. Use Ticketmaster to learn more about purchasing tickets or reserving seats. El Paso values cultural events, and since they occur frequently, there’s a good chance you’ll see one while there.

The well-known Draft Houses

Considering how many incredible draft houses there are in El Paso, picking the top one can be challenging. There are locations where you can sip on some fine beer and engage in interesting discussion with locals or friends. Since most locals are nice, making new friends when travelling alone shouldn’t be a problem. You may find out more here if you’re seeking for a spot like this to unwind after a challenging day. There are several options for entertainment at the El Paso Draft Houses. Among them are shuffleboards, pool tables, and many others. If you want to smoke a cigarette, there is also outdoor seating available.

Holocaust Museum in El Paso

The El Paso Holocaust Museum is one of the places you really must go if you enjoy history and enjoy visiting historical museums. You’ll undoubtedly see a lot of interesting things at this museum because it’s one of the best ones devoted to that particular period of human history. Although the entry tickets may not be the most inexpensive, we believe that this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so you shouldn’t worry too much about the cost. The majority of museums are kid-friendly and are generally pretty cool. Keep this one on your list and be sure to go there if you plan to stay for a while.

Playland Amusement Park

Pleasure, sun, and nothing more. There is nothing more we need to say about this specific location if you enjoy amusement parks. The Playland Amusement Park is always a worthwhile place to visit if you have some extra cash and you’re in the last few days of your trip. You can bring your children or leave them at home, but as these activities are primarily designed for young children, we advise bringing them.

The Sunbowl Stadium

This is the place to be if you enjoy sports and would prefer to see some action live rather than from behind a television. The cost of a ticket largely depends on the event being watched, so if two well-known teams are competing, the cost may be a little higher than you’d want. Supporting the neighbourhood teams or simply attending any kind of game is a terrific option if you’re not on a tight budget and want to fully experience El Paso.

Cathedral of Saint. Patrick

Last but not least, there is the well-known St. Patrick Cathedral, which is both well-liked by locals and frequently visited by tourists. The first brick was put by Father Edward Barry S.J. when this cathedral was being constructed in 1914. It is not need to be particularly devout in order to visit this location; simply admiring the architecture is sufficient. You can inquire at the door if taking photos is permitted; we are unsure about the policy.

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