Turkey — The Seasonal Center

Turkey is a popular tourist destination known for its stunning natural beauty, majestic mosques, and Mediterranean coastline. Here are some important Turkey facts!

Summary of Turkey

For many years, Turkey has served as the gateway between Europe and Asia. It is a nation with a long history and a terrain that encompasses both mountains and beaches. Turkey has a diverse collection of civilizations since it has historically served as a centre for trade and cultural exchange. The country’s mouthwatering culinary scene, myriad religious structures, and historic locations bear tribute to the diversity of cultures and influences that have shaped the area where East and West meet.

Our Travel Route

Istanbul, the former capital of the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, is included in TravelVerse’s travel itineraries, but there are many other stunning locations to see. By reserving fantastic hotels and adding activities like hot air balloon rides over the bizarre surroundings, we make sure you have a wonderful time throughout your stay.

Visitors might not be familiar with many facts about Turkey, but the list that follows includes some more intriguing and unexpected ones. To keep the kids’ interest, a few fascinating facts are also provided.

  • Despite the fact that most tourists associate Turkey with beaches and warm summer days, Turkey is an excellent spot to go skiing in the winter. A unique alternative to Turkey’s more famous Alps or Pyrenees.
  • In Turkey, there are about a dozen ski resorts that offer spectacular mountain ranges covered in snow in the winter. The highest summit in Turkey is Palandoken, which is situated in Erzurum’s eastern region.
  • Despite being the largest and most populated city in the country, Istanbul is not the capital of Turkey. In fact, many people are surprised that Ankara, and not Istanbul, serves as the nation’s capital. Despite not being the capital, Istanbul is a fascinating city with magnificent mosques and old-world architecture.

Istanbul stands apart from other cities since it is the only one in the world with borders straddling both Asia and Europe. Istanbul is divided by the Bosphorus River; the east bank is in Asia while the west bank is in Europe.

Go to Bodrum

For those who like the beach, great dining, scuba diving, and wine, Bodrum is the perfect destination. The Aegean Sea borders it, and it is located in the southwest of Turkey. This wonderful vacation destination is often known as the Turkish Saint-Tropez.

When you are in Bodrum, we will undoubtedly arrange for you to visit the castle. It was built with stones from the Halicarnassus Mausoleum, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, and is regarded as one of Turkey’s most beautiful castles.

advice before travelling to Turkey

  • Obtain a visa: A visa is necessary for travel to Istanbul. Istanbul is situated on the border between Europe and Asia, but as it is not a part of the EU, Europeans must obtain a visa in order to enter the nation, just like Asians must. Before, you could get a visa right away. Yet the procedure has altered. Visitors must apply for a visa online from their home nation before leaving for Turkey. You must get a visa in advance in order to prevent any hiccups or delays at Istanbul’s airport. Although the cost of flights vary depending on the tourist’s location, trips to the city are typically not too expensive.
  • Istanbul offers both buses and railways that can be used to get about the city. You may navigate around the city using trams, ferries, and other forms of transportation. To get to different locations, you can take Dolmushes or private taxis. The main problem here is that some taxis have broken meters, which makes it challenging to track the route and calculate the precise amount to pay. Sometimes, drivers will choose a longer route in order to charge extra. The only method to prevent this is to utilize Google Maps; this might be successful provided that the local driver does not discover a reason to take a different route. The only drawback is that it can be challenging to navigate the city due to excessive traffic.
  • Learn a few words: As with other tourist places, it’s imperative to have a basic vocabulary. It can be advantageous in certain respects, aside from the fact that locals appreciate and like hearing outsiders try to speak their language. Because you’ll be engaging with the locals in various ways, having a basic awareness of their culture might make you more polite, avoid misunderstandings, and possibly save your life. By utilizing Google Translate, you might pick up some new information. You can learn to use phrases like “please” and “thank you,” among others. Hi, how much, and pardon my interruption. It is not necessary for you to pronounce these words properly. Several locals will understand you even if your accent isn’t flawless. Turkish is a fairly easy language to learn.
  • Accommodations close to Taksim: Taksim! You might be asking why a mosque was used as an analogy for this place. It’s a place that’s continually busy and boisterous. This place is bustling both during the day and at night thanks to the music coming from various eateries and public areas. Avoid Taksim if you want some privacy after a long day of sightseeing. Taksim, on the other side, would be attractive to someone who enjoys the nightlife or isn’t worried by noise. Sure, there are some people who can sleep peacefully in a room that’s within a football stadium. Choose a room that is far from a mosque or Taksim to prevent loud and unsettling noises.

The Perfect Turkey Experience

These locations are permissible inclusions in your itinerary. Mardin is frequently linked by many. Southeast of Turkey, on a magnificent hilltop with a view of the Mesopotamian plains, is where you’ll find Mardin, the provincial capital of the Mardin Province. Mardin, one of the oldest cities in the region, is well known for its cultural diversity and the Old City’s sandstone buildings that fall down the hill.

It is practical to tour Mardin’s Old City on foot. Terraced dwellings and well-known landmarks like the Sultan Isa Medresesi, a medieval building that once served as an observatory, and the Deyrü’z-Zafaran Monastery, one of the world’s oldest monasteries, can be passed by tourists as they promenade. Zinciriye Medresesi, an Islamic school dating back to the fourteenth century, with beautiful courtyards and artwork.

They can assist you in making the most of every second you spend in Turkey at a few agencies. They can offer you a 5-star hotel, first-rate service, transportation around the city, several places to stay, and a delicious supper.

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