The Top 15 Best Cafes in Dubai

There are a wide variety of cafes in Cafes in Dubai. The greatest cafés in Dubai are listed here, whether you’re looking for a quick cup of coffee, a short afternoon coffee, or just a hot cup of coffee.

1. Arab Tea House Café, number

This lively tea shop is situated in Bur Cafes in Dubai’s historic Al Fahidi neighborhood. If you want to see the cultural side of early Dubai, this is an excellent location. The location is a sizable courtyard with plenty of seating for visitors, performers, and locals.

The company offers customers more than 100 different varieties of tea. Although it is primarily a tea establishment, there are also many other coffee options available. Out of the traditional Emirati fare offered, the Emirati breakfast is a standout according to’s assessment.

2. Boon Coffee 

The coffee at this restaurant is excellent. The skill of coffee roasting and brewing runs in the Boon Coffee family. Its creator is from Ethiopia, which produces some of the best coffee beans in the world, and it is based in JLT.

Whatever your craving, this establishment makes outstanding coffee. For instance, some of their clients like the French press, V60, Aeropress, and siphon. They offer the most unusual beverages (both hot and cold), some of which may contain Ethiopian or African honey.

3. Boston Lane 

This adorable shop draws its inspiration from Melbourne’s laneway coffee scene. It is a stunning little coffee shop situated in the center of Al Quoz’s lovely courtyard. Together with good coffee, it serves toasties, breakfast, and lunch. Vegan dishes, breakfast bowls, sandwiches, cereals, salads, and wraps are just a few of the varied culinary alternatives.

4. The Commons

In cafes in Dubai Mall, there is a cafe that welcomes children. It is created by the same group that created Tom&Serg. Common Grounds bills itself as a “specialty coffee store with a huge heart” and sells coffee there.

There are also tasty foods, like avocado toast. You must stop by this mall coffee shop, regardless of whether you are there for lunch, breakfast, a quick snack in between shopping, or just a cup of coffee.

5. Depresso Cafe

Depresso Cafe serves tasty beverages including cortados, pink chocolate, cereal lattes, and piccolo. Yummy donuts and inexpensive cookies are also offered on the menu.

6. Emirati Coffee Shop

One of the Cafes in Dubai s hippest coffee cafes is this one. Sustainability is important to them, and they also operate a roastery in Al Quoz. Only the best specialty coffee from Yemen, Ethiopia, Yemen, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Rwanda is used at Emirati Coffee Shop.

They have a fairly varied menu. Manual brews, Arabic coffee, lattes, macchiatos, and much more are available. Visit this cafe if you consider yourself to be an expert in coffee.

7. Mikel Coffee Company

Have you had Greek coffee before? One of the first Greek coffee cafes is this one. There are alternatives for hot and cold beverages, whichever you want. At Mikel Coffee Company, you must experience the delicacies of Mexico and Georgia in addition to the coffee and frappe from Greece. Also, you can find sandwiches, muffins, and cookies in different shapes and sizes if you’re hungry.

8. The Mokha 1450 Coffee Shop

The name of this storied cafe, which is located in Jumeirah, is where the international coffee trade began. Yemeni and Ethiopian coffees are its top sellers. Mokha is unique because it received a perfect grade of 80 out of 100 on the global grading scale.

9. Coffee Nightjar

Al Quoz is home to this stylish café. It’s a high-end hipster hangout and an excellent place to get a coffee while exploring Alserkal Avenue’s galleries. In front of you, the coffee is roasted and brewed. The cafe’s décor and kitchen, as well as the area’s artistic community, all enhance the quality of their coffee.

10. RAW Coffee Company

Arabica has several modern outlets spread across Dubai. The Sheikh Zayed Road, The cafes in Dubai Mall, Mall of Emirates, Palm Jumeirah, The Pointe, City Walk, Downtown Dubai, and Mirdif City Centre are just a few places where it may be found.

11. Arabica

In spite of its name, this café was founded in Japan. Because they have their own coffee farm, this business is distinct. This indicates that their products, including the straightforward Americano, honey lattes, espresso, and Spanish lattes, are exceptional.

12. Alchemy Coffee

This is a really hip coffee establishment with a focus on coffee. Their coffee comes from moral single farms. “Providing quality coffee while assisting coffee grower communities across the world” is their stated mission. They have a special menu with buns, drinks, pastries, and tahini brownies.

13. Brew Cafe

It is worthwhile to stop by this urban cafe briefly while strolling down Jumeirah street. It is a list of specialty coffees with various kinds of milk and add-ons. Pick up your beverage and enjoy it in its adorable interior. Try their handcrafted pastries, chia pudding, and other heartfelt sweet treats if you want something to eat with your coffee. It will be a fantastic idea to eat breakfast here.

14. Drop the bomb

A hearty breakfast and a cup of coffee provide the day’s fuel. To sate your coffee desires, this cafe sources only single-origin coffee beans. Its extensive menu features their preferred espresso, Mr. Clever brewed coffee, and Turkish coffee. About their meals, some samples of deliciousness they provide include halloumi, bagels, tree-hugger yums, and eggs.

Surge Coffee Roasters 15.

Do you like white or black coffee? Surge Coffee Roasters will satiate your needs no matter what you favor. V60, flat whites made with almond or coconut milk, drip black coffee, and piccolos are all available on their broad menu.

Try their unique Emirati blend if you’d prefer something more local. You can also indulge in their chocolate chip cookies, truffles, or croissants.

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