The New Zealand Travel Guide

New Zealand is an excellent destination for road excursions. You can travel the entire length of the country in a single day due to its compact size, but it contains a staggering variety of people, places, and civilizations. You may reach a bustling city, a quiet rural hamlet, wine region, the rough alpine mountains, or a sunny beach in just a few hours of travel in any direction. Finding a magnificent location to visit won’t be difficult with all of your alternatives. But in order to make the most of whichever route you choose, here are some of the best road trip suggestions for New Zealand from people who have visited.

1. Travel to South Island

Although the North Island is home to many amazing places for you to explore, it would be a grave mistake to embark on a road trip around New Zealand without also visiting the South Island. Flying into Christchurch airport, renting a car, and then setting out in any direction is the simplest way to get started. Beautiful beaches, wineries, and whales can be found to the north; a wild coastline, glaciers, and a gorgeous mountain pass can be found to the west; and the world’s adventure capital, with its craggy mountain ranges and breathtaking lakes, can be found to the south.

2. Off-the-beaten-path exploration

Obviously speaking metaphorically. Although individuals who rent a car in New Zealand can stick to the main State Highways and still explore many of the country’s attractions, there is a high chance for uncovering some fantastic hidden gems if you head out on some of the smaller roads. Since you have your own wheels, you may detour anytime you like and find amazing sites that most people would overlook. After all, road trips are not only about getting to your goal.

3. Talk to locals

Combining this with suggestion number two is fantastic. New Zealanders are typically very amiable people who are willing to point you in the proper route or have a pleasant conversation with you if they have the time. By utilizing this local expertise, you can discover authentic experiences that tour operators are unaware of. Additionally, getting to know some of the locals will significantly improve your trip, enable you to make a few new friends, and give you a better understanding of the indigenous Kiwi culture.

4. Stopping often

Even while it might not seem crucial, it is. Because there are so many breathtaking views in New Zealand, you should plan plenty of time to stop and soak them in. Of course, you should also take pictures so that you can leave everyone back home green with envy. Making frequent pauses will also enable you to experience the attractions of New Zealand’s tiny communities and get a feel for rural Kiwi living.

5.Travel on foot

The best way to see most of New Zealand is to leave your car sometimes and explore locations on foot, even though renting a car in Christchurch will allow you the freedom to drive the country’s roadways. The natural beauty of New Zealand is well-known, yet there is only so much of it you can see from the road. You should bring some sturdy walking shoes with you if you want to make the most of your New Zealand road trip. Even if you’re not much of an outdoor enthusiast, New Zealand nevertheless has a variety of quick “bushwalks” that take you through the country’s luxuriant native forest and return you to your car in under 30 minutes.

6. Give adequate time

Road travelers who are unfamiliar with New Zealand’s roads frequently fail to give adequate time to travel from one location to the next. It is virtually impossible to race through the country at high speeds, and you will also miss some breathtakingly magnificent vistas. With the exception of a few big cities, even New Zealand’s state highways can be a hilly, twisting affair. In other countries, it would be viewed as an inconvenience or an impediment, but here, it just encourages travellers to slow down and really appreciate the breathtaking sights that are accessible.

7. discovering something entirely fresh

Being able to try out activities that you have never done before and may never be able to do at home is one of the most exciting aspects about travelling to a new nation. It doesn’t really matter what the novel experience is. Don’t embark on a road trip without making sure to fully embrace an experience that you will remember for a lifetime, whether it be a stunning view, a daring feat (you can experience 8 full seconds of free fall in Nevis Bungy close to Queenstown), a particular food (despite looking odd, whitebait fritters are delicious), or even a trip to the best New Zealand Casinos.

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