The Best of Egypt Travel Packages & Nile River Cruise

Egypt’s Nile Cruisers is a travel agency. Together with other travel and tourism services, our area of expertise is offering Nile River Cruise Packages.

We have been in business for more than 25 years, and we give each and every one of our clients the best experience they could ask for from a tour operator organization anywhere in the globe.

Being one of the few businesses to provide genuine trips in Egypt makes us proud.

We are continually working to make our services better by replacing older tools and equipment with more modern ones and by providing our staff with the most recent training in the field.

Whether they are individuals or groups of any size, our customers’ requirements are the focus of all we do. Only high-quality products that adhere to all safety regulations are offered by To give you the best experience possible, we adhere to international regulations consistently.

We provide a wide range of vacation alternatives, including various Nile River Cruise Packages, excursions around Egypt that include Red Sea resorts, etc., as well as many more fascinating activities like Red Sea diving and camping tours, to accommodate all tastes and preferences.

One of our most well-liked deals is still the Pharaoh’s Majesty Luxor-Aswan-Luxor cruise, which departs from Aswan in the morning after breakfast and travels by the Edfu Horus Temple and the Temple of Kom Ombo before arriving in Nile River Cruise .

After all, spend the day touring Luxor’s most significant historical sites, including the Valley of the Kings and Queens, the Colossi of Memnon, and the Karnak Temple. When you travel back to Aswan, savor your meal.

Nile cruises and tours are a few of our services.

  • Reservations for Nile Cruise Cruises.
  • Nile cruise boat rentals in Dahab.
  • independent tour guides in
  • Egypt trip packages that include everything.
  • Packages for luxurious land tours in Egypt that include luxurious air-conditioned vehicles
  • Tours on the Nile River.
  • domestic tickets for flights to Cairo, Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh, and other destinations.
  • You may discover the splendor of the magnificent Egyptian desert by going on camel rides in the Sahara desert. Discover its enigmatic charms with the help of our camel guides, who will make sure that your journey is secure and enjoyable.
  • Between Aswan and Abu Simbel is the Lake Nasser Cruise.
  • Services provided by private Egyptologists for tours in Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, and Sharm El Sheikh. Our tour guides mix their historical expertise with their personal experience as Egyptian citizens to give you a memorable tour of Egypt.
  • Aswan to Philae Temple boat tours. Depending on your preference, you can pick between a morning and an afternoon departure. We make sure that the boat is cozy and has entertainment playing while you go.
  • Travelers can take desert safaris from Hurghada, Safaga, or Sharm El Sheikh to experience the Egyptian desert’s breathtaking scenery.
  • There are always private Cairo tours and Alexandria excursions available.
  • With our luxurious Nile cruises, you can relax and enjoy your journey without worrying about anything because our knowledgeable crew members are always there for any needs. They are only concerned that you like working with us.
  • The Egypt Nile cruise offers a variety of itineraries to accommodate all preferences and needs.
  • We are adaptable when it comes to pricing, so we can customize any tour to fit your needs and budget. There are no boundaries!
  • In Egypt’s deserts, quad biking tours will take you across stunning dunes. Enjoy a beautiful quad excursion through the Saharan desert’s golden dunes.
  • You may comfortably and safely tour the Siwa Oasis desert with camel trekking safaris. There are no limitations on the number of times you can book this thrilling adventure each day, so you can do so at any time of the year.
  • Nile cruise ships are available for hiring in Cairo 24 hours a day, whether you want to go on a full-day or half-day cruise, go out for dinner, or just cruise for an hour. To meet your needs, a wide variety of boats are available.

We offer a variety of services, including travel, lodging, excursions, etc. All you need to do is relax and take it all in while we take care of everything else. We’ll make sure everything goes smoothly so you can enjoy your trip.

  • You have the opportunity to travel around this magnificent nation on our Luxury Land tours in Egypt during multi-day excursions. Depending on your budget, you can pick between travelling in economy class or superior class in air-conditioned modern coaches that are all-comfort and relaxing.
  • Cruises on the Nile River departing from several pickup locations, such as Aswan, Luxor, Hurghada, or Cairo. Due to the opportunity to see sights on both sides of the Nile, these cruises are quite well-liked among tourists visiting Egypt.
  • most popular tourist spots in Egypt have tour guides. Whether you are travelling to Cairo, Alexandria, or Luxor, we make sure you always have access to local knowledge about your location. Our customized tours and excursions include stops at the Nile River Cruise, museums, art galleries, and historical places.
  • Package vacations for both individuals and groups are always available.
  • On board our ships, a variety of Nile Cruise Packages are included in the price, including a daily lunch buffet, air conditioning throughout, drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic), a tour guide for the duration of the trip, afternoon tea and dinner on the second night if staying overnight, etc.
  • With our Private Transfers service, we can provide airport transport to or from any location in Egypt. Whether you are on a tour package or a private excursion, this is provided at no additional cost to all of our customers.
  • We provide Nile Cruise Packages made especially for college students who want to take use of their time while studying ancient Egyptian history at Cairo, Luxor, and Alexandria Universities. These educational field trips for students have been specifically designed to incorporate all the educational components they require combined with a ton of enjoyable activities that everyone will love.
  • Packages for Nile cruise boats include beach excursions that will take you beyond of the area’s typical tourist areas.

Most importantly, our Nile Cruises are very reasonably priced, so get in touch with us right now for more Nile River Cruise !

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