Stunning Kilimanjaro Trek

Ever have a dream that you are on top of the world? You can be such rock-made creations because of the mountains, though! As you are aware, K2 is the most difficult summit to climb whereas Mt. Everest is the highest. However, other peaks above 5000 meters aren’t far behind, and Mount Kilimanjaro’s Uhuru Peak (5,895 meters) is among the most stunning.

It is a dormant volcano that stands alone as the tallest peak in the world. Since the glaciers on Mount Kilimanjaro have been receding and ice fields have been ebbing and flowing, the mountain has actually been a component of the national park that has been researched for millennia.

This mountain is magnificent since it is unsurpassed in terms of aesthetics and the beauty of the trek. Unlike Mt. Everest, Mc. Kinley, or K2, where the ascending route is largely consistent throughout the journey, Kilimanjaro’s road passes through 5 distinct ecosystems.

Although physically less hard than K2 or Mt. Everest, it nevertheless has some prerequisites. It has been one of the most frequently climbed peaks above 5000 meters.

The first and most crucial rule is to ascend slowly, or “polo, polo,” as the porters and guides would say. One reason for this is the high altitude sickness you may get if you go from 1000 base meters to 5895 meters in a short period of time, regardless of how well you are prepared. However, if you plan ahead and take your time, you’ll love it and your few thousand dollars will have been well spent.

Let’s look at the sights and settings you encounter while climbing Kilimanjaro.

The Enchantments Of The Kilimanjaro Trek

You will pass through five completely diverse settings on the ascent.

1. You begin by strolling through a tropical rainforest, and it’s possible that you’ll run into many Tanzanians who are cultivating banana trees, coffee plants, and all the other delectables the country has to offer. This area is where you are most likely to encounter gorgeous vegetation, a variety of trees covered in moss, ferns, and lots of monkeys! Lemosho, Umbwe, Machame, Marangu, and Rongai treks all start here

This section almost certainly brings to mind scenes from films like Tarzan or The Lion King, all of which were influenced by Kilimanjaro National Park’s breathtaking scenery. Even in the Lion King movie, there is a scene where animals can be seen moving through the jungle in front of the stunning Uhuru Peak while the song “Circle of Life” is playing. Along with the porters, birds will be humming to you, encouraging you to move forward. This is undoubtedly the most colourful of the five, so you should take a little extra time to savour everything that is offered.

2. The sole tropical rainforest in Kilimanjaro’s national park is followed by a cloud forest, which you will be climbing through next. There’s still a chance you’ll run into monkeys or deer here, even though it’s much quieter than in the rainforest. Beautiful moss trees, lianas, and other vegetation will be your travelling companions, giving you the impression that you are still in the Tarzan setting. This ecosystem can be found between 2200 and 4000 meters., image source

3. As you enter the so-called Alpine heat landscape, things start to get quite dry following the cloud forest. It starts to resemble the traditional mountain climb as the vegetation and animals become less prevalent (with the exception of a few lizards and enormous groundsels).

4. You will enter the Alpine desert when you are barely below 5000 meters. It is accurate that many people have compared it to how the surface of the moon seems. There are several craters and rocks all over the place. And just so you know, this is where the temperature starts to decrease substantially. Even so, it provides a breathtaking vista, and gazing at the Uhuru Peak that will be directly in front of you is maybe the most inspiring aspect of the walk.

5. You will be going through the Arctic, the last and most difficult phase, as you reach the top. Although many people find this section to be the most difficult (because to weariness, high altitude illness, or just technical difficulties), it is also the most gratifying because it is where you reach the iconic Uhuru Peak!


In conclusion, we believe it is wise to state that scaling Mount Kilimanjaro is a life-changing adventure! You will undoubtedly feel unstoppable when you return home after traversing five diverse ecosystems and rising over 5000 meters in altitude difference. And it’s accurate. So plan your trip now and spend a few days living like Tarzan!

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