Packing List for RV Camping in the Winter

Even in the dead of winter, one must keep a little bit of summer. Henry David Thoreau penned RV camping .

So who’s to say that camping is only an option during the sweltering summer months? RV camping extends beyond just that. RVing in the winter is for you if you want to think about doing something new but really difficult. If you decide to go, keep reading because we’ll tell you what you need to include on your list of essentials to pack.

Before that, though, we should warn you that the water in your RV battery is quite likely to freeze while you’re away. Also, since your RV’s battery powers it, freezing it will prevent you from using your car. But, if you decide to spend the money on a battery box to safeguard your battery, you won’t have to worry about this issue affecting your winter RV camping. Pick the best one made of the most durable material to ensure a trouble-free winter adventure. Visit RVCamping for more details.

Why you should try RVing in the cold

RVing in the winter is appealing for a number of reasons. The excursion is made more enjoyable and exciting by the challenge presented by the extremely cold weather. This activity is ideal if you went camping to find solitude because there are less campers during the winter. Also, since bugs, mosquitoes, and other insects are absent during really chilly weather, you may enjoy being outside without worrying about getting bitten. Camping in the winter also costs less because most campgrounds provide discounts and other attractive offers. Of course, you also get to take in the perfect and stunning vista of the landscape blanketed in a thick blanket of snow.

RV camping necessities during winter

It can be tough and tricky to camp in the cold, but it can also be fun. To ensure that you can still enjoy RV camping in the great outdoors despite the frigid temperatures, this activity necessitates extra work and packing of more necessary items.

The list of camping needs that are especially important for a winter camping trip is provided below.

Suitable Meals and Drinks

According to studies, people’s appetites increase when the weather gets chilly because their body temperatures drop. It is vital to bring more food than normal because of this. We advise you to eat foods high in protein and fibre because they will help you feel full after eating.

Bring water as well, enough for the duration of your campsite stay. Winter is the season when dehydration is most common since the cold makes individuals feel less thirsty. Take a sip of water even if you don’t feel like it. Fruit and herbal teas are other options. You will definitely stay warm and hydrated with these substitutes.

layered clothing

You should pack extra warm clothing because you can’t predict how much the temperature will drop while you’re out camping in the winter. To regulate your body temperature and carry out the tasks you had planned, you will need to wear in layers.

electric comforters

Electric blankets are a must-have item for winter RV camping because they keep you warm and cozy at night despite the frigid conditions outside your RV. It features a function that enables you to customize the temperature so you can rest and sleep better.

Antifreeze in RV

Your pipes, fixtures, and faucets’ seals are lubricated and have their lifespans extended by antifreeze or propylene glycol. Applying this fluid prevents your water system from freezing and bursting as a result of the icy weather outside while you’re winter RV camping. Using this antifreeze is the finest course of action to prevent plumbing system damages because fixing broken pipes is a headache and, of course, expensive.

Thermo tape

If you want to bring additional pipe protection, you can bring heat tape and wrap it over valves and water system components that are prone to freezing. Using this tape can also keep your camping trip’s water lines warm.

cellular warmer

A portable heater that you bring with you will also help you maintain a healthy body temperature. Despite the freezing temperature outside, this device will keep you warm and enable a more comfortable stay inside your vehicle.

Car winter kit

No matter how prepared you are for your winter camping trip, it is always better to be ready for potential car failures in the middle of the road. Making your own winter survival automobile pack is advised to avoid freezing in the midst of a snow-covered road. A portable air compressor, safety absorbent, pliers, screwdrivers, a shovel, and a flashlight are all essential items for your survival kit. These items will undoubtedly come to your aid if you run into any roadside difficulties.

RV hem

Your tanks and pipes won’t freeze if you purchase an RV skirt and bring it along with you on your winter camping trip. Since it is often composed of sturdy vinyl, it can survive below-freezing temperatures.

  • Do make sure to check your RV’s brakes, battery, and tires before a trip.
  • Be hydrated at all times. Sip tea or water.
  • Have the correct insulation placed in your RV so that it can maintain a comfortable interior temperature.
  • Employ well-insulated mugs or tumblers to keep your beverages warm for longer.
  • Don’t forget to do your homework on the campgrounds before you go.
  • Avoid allowing the wind and cold to harm your skin. To protect it, apply a light coating of moisturizer.
  • If you want to walk and explore outside, don’t forget to wear snow boots.
  • Don’t be scared to venture outside and discover the exquisiteness of nature that only the winter season can reveal.


Even if it may appear that winter camping is a challenging and tough adventure to carry out, you can still do it provided you have thoroughly planned it out before leaving. Make sure you pack every one of the items we listed for RV winter camping and then get ready for a really chilly camping trip. We predict that your camping trip will be one of your best-ever experiences without any mishaps.

So until you go on your next camping trip, see you!

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