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A second season of the popular Malaysian drama “Melur Untuk Firdaus,” starring the charismatic team of Meerqeen and Anna Jobling, is soon to be released. Starting on March 16, 2023, the program will air every Thursday and Friday at 7:00 pm on TV3’s Akasia channel. The program will also air every day at 7:00 pm from March 20, 2023, until May 14, 2023, during the holy month of Ramadan. Furthermore, HD streams of the show are available on Disney + Hotstar and Kepala Bergetar.

The second season of “Melur Untuk Firdaus” will include 35 episodes, and it is being made by A-Ten Alliance Sdn Bhd. Wan Mahani Wan Hasan wrote the show’s script, and Zamri Zakaria and Arield Mohd Rifin are in charge of directing it.

A young woman named Melur fights to reconstruct her life following a string of sad incidents in the Malay drama series Melur Utuk Firdaus 2. As the first season left off, the second season begins up with Melur coming to terms with the fact that she has lost Firdaus, the love of her life.

The official website for this serial is DFM2U. Observe and savour the drama’s endless enjoyment.

Season 2 puts Melur in a challenging situation as she strives to let go of the past while dealing with fresh difficulties. She has to deal with the fallout from her acts as well as her complicated relationships with her family, friends, and past adversaries.


Two songs, “Hanya You Dalam Kepala” by Alam Antido and “Pejam” by Rahmad Mega, are included in the drama’s original soundtrack.


The show’s cast features Meerqeen as Firdaus, Anna Jobling as Melur, Eyka Farhana as Mawar, Azim Yusof as Zack, Fimie Don as Haris, Sabrina Sharleen as Rania, Kuza as Kamariah, Azhar Amir as Kamaruzzaman, Haleeda Mazlin as Rohana, Zainol Ismail as Nasaruddin, Hani Nazrina as Lili, Hairi Safwan as Zain, Qaseh Qhairiena as Damia, Taib Zamannuri as Raikal, and Tengku Tieya as Nana. This Melur Untuk Firdaus 2’s synopsis was derived from the Kepala Bergetar website.

The narrative of Melur and Firdaus, who are now a happy couple, begins the second season of “Melur Untuk Firdaus.” Yet, they encounter a number of difficulties as they work to fortify their bond. Melur feels abandoned since Firdaus is preoccupied with a work project in the countryside that takes up the most of his time. Melur, meanwhile, is eager to advance her career as a children’s book author and plans to launch a publishing business. Zackery, her business partner, has been holding feelings for her in secret.

In the meantime, thanks to Zain’s incarceration, Lili and her daughter Damia are now leading more peaceful lives. Lili, however, starts to have anxiety after Zain is freed from prison because of the trauma of his domestic abuse.

Mawar, on the other hand, would prefer to travel abroad rather than work for her father’s business. Yet a chance meeting with Firdaus lights a fire under her, and she is inspired to put in more effort. Will this incident lead to a disagreement between Melur and Firdaus?

The second season of the program is expected to provide viewers with even more drama and excitement. Will Melur and Firdaus overcome their difficulties and continue to love one another? Time will only tell.

Kepala Bergetar HD is where you can view current dramas.

Things You Don’t Know

The following information regarding “Melur Untuk Firdaus 2” is less well known:

  1. Firdaus, the main character, is portrayed by Meerqeen, who is also a singer. “Biar Saja” and “Seindah Mimpi,” among other songs, are among the singles and music videos he has released.
  2. The show’s production firm, A-Ten Alliance Sdn Bhd, is renowned for creating well-liked dramas including “Tundukkan Playboy Itu” and “Rindu Awak Separuh Nyawa.” In addition, they have produced a number of movies, including “Pekak” and “KL Gangster.”

Last Words

Overall, “Melur Untuk Firdaus 2” is a must-watch for lovers of romantic comedies and Malaysian dramas. This drama will fascinate viewers and keep them coming back for more thanks to a strong cast, an interesting plot, and stunning cinematography. Don’t miss this second season of the highly anticipated TV3 and Disney+ Hotstar! Melur must face her own inner demons as the plot progresses and rediscover her sense of self. She makes new friends and adversaries along the road and realizes that some of the people she thought she knew the best might not be what they seem.

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