Is Egypt a Safe Travel Spot?

For many years now, Egypt a Safe has been a must-visit location for tourists. You’ll never forget it because of how rich in natural beauty, history, and culture it is.

You may be pondering whether it is safe to travel to this wonderful nation in the near future if you have travel plans, especially in light of the ongoing COVID19 problem.

To assist you in getting the most out of your preparation for your trip to Egypt a Safe , we’ll go into great length on this subject in this post.

So let’s get to the bottom of it right away without further ado!

Egypt’s crime

You as a tourist don’t need to worry too much about Egypt a Safe  crime rates. The country has substantially lower rates of violent crime than many western nations.

Petty crime like handbag snatching and pickpocketing makes up the majority of crimes, especially at popular tourist locations. Keep your stuff close to you at all times and travel in groups.

Additionally, before you purchase your ticket, educate yourself on how to spot tourist scams. You won’t have any trouble recognizing them in Kairo or Alexandria if you frequently travel because they are widespread in large cities all over the world.

Political steadfastness

When travelling to Egypt a Safe , you should be aware of the complicated political environment there. Protests and demonstrations are not uncommon,

And as a foreigner, you ought to steer clear of it. Avoid political debates and keep your personal ideas to yourself. Nothing more or less, you’re just there to have fun and learn new stuff.

Although there is little risk of terrorism, some attacks have occurred recently, so be aware of that as well. To keep yourself safe while travelling to Egypt a Safe , stay away from major religious gatherings and go with someone who is an expert on the country.

For LGBTQ+ travellers

Egypt is not currently or in the foreseeable future an LGBTQ-welcoming travel destination. If you are a member of the LGBTQ community, you must travel to Egypt with the appropriate security measures in place. Be careful not to overtly declare your sexual orientation or gender identity as it may be dangerous in some areas of the nation. You already know this,

The majority of the population in Egypt a Safe is Muslim, and we all are familiar with the Islamic perspective on LGBTQ partnerships and gender theory. Therefore, it is crucial that you maintain your privacy regarding your sexual preferences and gender identity throughout your visit.

female travellers alone

According to, Egypt a Safe is reasonably safe for ladies who want to travel alone, yet it is still advised to go in groups. If you want to see less well-known areas of Kairo, we urge you to at least hire a guide.

Facebook and images

In Egypt a Safe , it is against the law to snap pictures of military installations, structures, or bridges. Keep in mind that breaking the law while you are abroad could result in fines or detention.

Additionally, it is advisable to wear modest clothing, especially when visiting places of worship. It’s not socially acceptable to upload photos of yourself wearing skimpy apparel, and doing so could get you in problems with the locals.

Keep your social media accounts hidden while visiting if you’re in a gay relationship with your partner since you can be charged for breaking debauchery laws. Additionally, stay away from any dating apps and familiarize yourself with local laws before visiting the nation.

The COVID circumstance

Since the nation is still far from being COVID-free, you would probably need to present documentation of your immunization or submit to a PCR test before entering. Keep your mask on wherever you go, and wash your hands frequently. Contact the Egyptian authorities at 105 as soon as possible if you experience any symptoms.

Again, check the Egyptian COVID regulations pertaining to the inhabitants of your place of origin before you book your tickets because every country has different entry requirements based on where you’re coming from.

Additionally, when your vacation draws near, we suggest you to frequently check their official government websites to be sure the country’s current COVID limitations haven’t changed. While traveling, keep in mind to adhere to all anti-pandemic precautions advised by the World Health Organization to guarantee your safety and the safety of those around you.

Additional advice on being safe while visiting Egypt

  • Be vigilant on religious holidays because terrorism has increased in Egypt in recent years. Nobody can promise that future assaults won’t take place again. Avoid going to particular religious communities and sites when holidays and other religious occasions are observed throughout the nation as they are the major targets.
  • Avoid criticizing the Egyptian government. While visiting Egypt a Safe , some international visitors were detained for doing just that. As we’ve previously stated, you should avoid engaging in political discourse when abroad. Posting political stuff on your social media profiles while you are in the country is not a good idea.
  • You should book your trips with as much caution as you can because not all tour operators adhere to the required safety requirements. Before you reserve any trips, including safaris, make sure to review their offerings and your travel insurance policy.
  • Sand storms can happen between March and May; if you’re travelling at this time of year, be especially cautious of sand and dust storms in specific regions of the country.
  • In Kairo, earthquakes are frequent; if you find yourself there during one, remember to abide by the official safety recommendations.
  • Swimming in freshwater should be avoided if possible. The Nile River should not be used as a swimming pool

The conclusion

In general, visitors can travel to Egypt a Safe in 2023 with some degree of safety. You’ll undoubtedly enjoy your stay in this lovely country as long as you observe all local laws and ordinances, particularly those pertaining to COVID.

We hope that this post was helpful in helping you properly get ready for your trip to Africa, and we wish you well on all of your future travel endeavours!

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