Birmingham, United Kingdom, Business Formation

Birmingham is quickly becoming the best-kept secret in the UK if you’re searching for a terrific place to launch a business there. The “second city” of the UK (after London) has consistently been regarded as one of the finest locations to start a new business. As of 2018, it had established more than 12,000 firms, outpacing rival towns like Edinburgh and Manchester. This expansion can be attributed to the city’s regeneration, which has resulted in quickly constructed new structures, enhanced infrastructure, and a plethora of retail establishments that have created a lively metropolis with a rich, varied culture.

Birmingham is an excellent city to work, live, and prosper because of the expansive Bullring shopping mall, the artsy/hipster scene in Digbeth, the bustling business culture of Colmore Row, and the consistently stylish King’s Heath. It should come as no surprise that the city welcomed an incredible 38 million tourists, demonstrating Birmingham’s popularity as a tourism destination with visitors from all over the world.

You may be asking how to launch a business in Birmingham now that you are aware of the reasons why you ought to do so. We’ll go over a few topics related to beginning a business in Birmingham, UK, in this article.

Birmingham, United Kingdom, Business Startup

In Birmingham, there are several steps involved in starting a business. There are several procedures you must take to launch your business if you are a foreign national.

You must first apply in advance for the correct visa, which is determined by your nationality. Plan carefully because this process can take anything from three weeks to three months.

You must choose your company’s legal structure second. Although this procedure is a little outside the scope of this article, the majority of firms fit within the definition of “limited company.” (More facts about founding various forms of enterprises in the UK).

Third, you must incorporate your company as necessary. You must register your limited company with Companies House, or have a third party do it on your behalf.

Fourth, you must register for taxes. If your company is incorporated, you may also need to file for Corporation Tax. (More details about your tax obligations for your UK business)

There are a few additional factors to take into account, though, if you’ve made it this far. This is particularly true in light of Brexit, which is expected to make doing business in Birmingham much more challenging.

Birmingham Business Without a Physical Presence

As you might have imagined, it’s now more challenging than ever to launch a business in Birmingham (or the rest of the UK). Another thing to keep in mind is that even after establishing your company, paying the necessary fees and permits, according to business regulations, and other requirements, your company won’t be able to turn a profit until it has a physical presence in Birmingham. Many business owners and well-intentioned startups may not be able to afford this because it comes with its own expenses and demands on your resources.

There is a different way to conduct business in Birmingham, one that does not need registering your company with the UK government or renting space inside the city limits: UK phone numbers.

Even if your company is based somewhere else in the world, virtual phone lines let you route calls to and from the UK. When a virtual phone number is called, the call is immediately and smoothly transferred to another number. This implies that, if you’re headquartered in, let’s example, Los Angeles, you may instantaneously connect your company with clients and businesses in Birmingham. Because UK virtual phone numbers are functionally and aesthetically equivalent to “regular” phone numbers, “localization” is significantly simpler. There aren’t any limits on how your firm conducts its affairs, a waiting period for visas, rental expenses for real estate, or labour expenditures.

You can get access to clients right away by only getting a subscription from a reputable service provider like Global Call Forwarding ( Your company can conduct business in Birmingham regardless of where it is by using virtual technology, which is the preferred technique of conducting business in the twenty-first century.

Furthermore, there are numerous types and functionalities of UK virtual numbers available. For instance, UK toll free numbers can make calling your business free and give you a more professional appearance. Similar to this, you may make use of add-ons like “time of day routing” to make sure that calls to your virtual phone number are answered by a live operator or diverted to the proper voice mail box. Contacting Birmingham has never been simpler.

Bio of the author Tom Senkus, a former resident of the UK and a frequent visitor to Birmingham’s Bull Ring Centre, offers his insight on how to benefit from the strong economics and culture of the city. Visit for additional details about his published work and a list of services.

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