Actuaries: Why Do Companies Need Them?

If you own a business, it’s likely that you regularly manage a variety of risks for it. These dangers may have been foreseeable or unexpected, but they undoubtedly had some kind of effect on your Actuaries.

A specialist group of experts is devoted to analyzing risk and assisting you in making sure that such risk has no significant negative effects on your operations. Actuaries are the name given to those specialists.

What precisely do actuaries do? You will learn more about their function in this post, as well as the precise ways they might help your company reduce risk.

Who are actuaries?

A person who uses statistical and mathematical techniques to assess and manage financial risk is known as an actuary. Actuaries evaluate data and offer insights to businesses on how to manage risk that is faced by an organization using their understanding of mathematics, statistics, economics, and finance.

Although actuaries play a crucial role in the insurance sector, other sectors including healthcare, finance, and government can also greatly benefit from their knowledge.

Just what do actuaries do?

An actuary’s job entails determining the likelihood that an event, such as death, disease, natural disasters, or financial loss, will occur. They use this data to support corporate risk management, financial decision-making, and the creation of long-term success strategies.

Moreover, actuaries have an impact on insurance policy design, premium rating, and the amount of reserves required to meet future loss commitments.

Why work with an actuary?

Actuaries are essential to businesses for two key reasons: greater control and financial security.

fiscal security

Businesses can prevent financial losses and maintain financial stability with the assistance of actuaries’ skills in risk assessment and management. They can assist firms in figuring out how likely it is that unexpected occurrences will occur and in creating plans to lessen their effects.

enhanced control

Actuaries offer organizations insightful information and analysis that enhances control and decision-making. They may aid companies in recognizing and comprehending the dangers connected to various financial choices, including acquisitions and mergers, investments, and product development.

Actuaries aid firms in making more informed decisions and maintaining better financial control by offering thorough analysis and recommendations.

How actuaries can assist in particular business fields
Actuaries can be of assistance in a number of ways if you work in the insurance, reinsurance, or self-insurance industries. The following are some of the most typical fields in which actuaries work:


Actuaries assist in determining prices for many items, including insurance. In order to do this, data must be analyzed to assess the chance of specific occurrences occurring and rates must be established to represent the degree of risk involved.

setting aside funds

Actuaries can assist insurers in making plans for upcoming expenses like claims and other liabilities. Actuaries can assist firms in determining how much cash they need to set aside to satisfy these commitments by examining data and forecasting future trends.

Organizational risk management

Actuaries may assist businesses (and not just insurance companies) in creating strategies for controlling risk throughout the entire organization.

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