A Quick Guide On Getting About The City In Tallahassee

Although less well-known and congested than Miami and Orlando, Tallahassee features a number of attractions that make a trip worthwhile. Award-winning performers like Burt Reynolds, Rita Coolidge, and T-Pain call it home. Because of accessing Tallahassee its Panhandle position, it experiences warm summers and moderate winters all year long, with yearly average temperatures of just around 80o F.

But whatever reason that floats your boat, you can take heart in the fact that there are plenty of ways to get to the city’s many sights. This article will discuss those options later (spoiler alert: having your own car is a bonus but not required). First, you have to know how to get there, to which there’s no shortage of options.

Accessing Tallahassee

Tallahassee, the state capital of Florida, makes sure there are multiple ways to get to the city. On land, a number of important thoroughfares enter and exit the city, including Interstate 10. (I-10). You won’t be more than three hours from Tallahassee if you’re traveling from anywhere in Florida that is connected to I-10, like Pensacola or Jacksonville (under regular traffic).

For visitors from the peninsula, the journey is significantly lengthier. Without pit stops, the trip from Miami can take between seven and eight hours while using the Turnpike. Even with stops in between, not all drivers have the stamina to drive for so long.

Thankfully, there is a public transportation option. You may purchase a ticket for a one-way Greyhound bus from the Miami Intermodal Center to Tallahassee for about $80 USD. Daily excursions are made by the buses twice, once in the early morning hours and once just before midnight. To find out the precise schedules and costs, check out ticket-purchasing services like Wanderu and others.

The disadvantage of using a bus is that they frequently stop, which adds around four hours to the travel time. If you need to travel to Tallahassee as quickly as possible, you may want to think about scheduling a nonstop domestic trip. Although most flights are no longer than two hours, the price of a plane ticket is three times that of a bus ticket.

Traveling in Tallahassee

The best method of transportation once in Tallahassee depends on your destination. Look at the map that appears after conducting a fast Google search for “things to do in Tallahassee.” Many more points of interest are located beyond the city center, save from a handful.

Anyone’s stay can be maximized with a good itinerary. It also chooses the most effective form of transportation. This is a detailed explanation of the choices visitors to Tallahassee can make.

•Rental of a private vehicle

Having your own vehicle is the best method to experience Tallahassee given the locations of the majority of tourist attractions. Driving enables people to travel to locations that local public transportation cannot, such as the Silver Lake Meat Market and the Tallahassee Automotive Museum.

Did you leave your automobile at home? The city’s center and regional airport both offer automobile rental services. Some even provide SUVs and off-road vehicles for traveling through the trails of adjacent national parks. But conducting your research on such things in advance might make the vacation more pleasurable.

Uber Services

Traditional yellow cabs and ride-hailing cars are the two types of taxi services that Tallahassee oversees. Similar to private automobiles, taxis may take you everywhere in the city, but they cost more—on average between USD$4.24 and USD$28.30. Although not Bay Area costs, they might mount up if used frequently.

It can be difficult to choose between a yellow cab and an internet transportation company with apps where you can order a ride. After all, both taxis through hailing and online transportation services via their separate applications both function as transport on-demand in various ways.

According to experts, choosing which of the two is more inexpensive may hinge on a price of USD$35. If the fare is less than that threshold, traditional taxis are more economical; when the fare exceeds that threshold, online transportation services excel.

As a general guideline, think about using a taxi to get around the downtown area. On the other hand, when traveling to Tallahassee’s farther-flung regions, reserve a trip using internet transportation providers. Keep the driver’s or business’s contact information on hand just in case.


StarMetro, formerly TalTran, is responsible for overseeing the city’s bus fleet and routes. The buses operated by StarMetro are the least expensive of all the alternatives mentioned. It costs USD$1.25 for one-way travel (or USD$0.60 for those who are eligible for a discount). The USD$3.00 unlimited day pass offers the best value if you want to be out and about all day.

Buses operated by StarMetro travel a particular route based on the letter and location indicated on its ticker. There are fifteen regular weekday routes, twelve on Saturdays, and four on Sundays. Within the Florida State University campus, buses with two letters run.

StarMetro’s free trolley service transports passengers to Tallahassee’s many restaurants even though it isn’t a bus. The 11:30 am to 2:50 pm daily lunch trolley route travels through College Town, Midtown, and Downtown. Similar in nature, the weekend dinner trolley route operates from 4:30 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. the following day.

As part of the city’s ongoing COVID preventative measures, the trolley service may be running at a reduced capacity as of this writing. When organizing your trip to Tallahassee, kindly bear it in mind.


A hotel may easily stroll to many attractions and conveniences in the downtown area. There are many attractions in Cascades Park alone, mostly museums like the John G. Riley Museum and Smokey Hollow Memorial. The entire park may be traversed on foot in an hour or less.


There are as many methods to get around Tallahassee as there are to get there, as this guide explains. Whichever is your favorite form of transportation, making sure you have enough cash is essential. Even after spending a day taking in the sights and sounds of the city, a lot might change. You never know when it could be necessary to spend extra money in order to reach where you need to go.

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