8 Exciting Activities in Las Vegas Other Than Gambling or Partying

Every human being on the earth is aware of Las Vegas and what it represents. We are all aware that it is the party and gambling center of the world. Most of us want to experience what LV has to offer, but only a few of us have really experienced it.

Most people visit Las Vegas to partake in wild parties and to satisfy their gambling fantasies, but some individuals question whether there is more to the city than that. This article will confirm that. There is more to Las Vegas than what first appears, and today you will discover these things as well as other characteristics that set it apart from other cities.

This well-liked vacation destination is primarily inhabited at night, with extended naps and hangovers taking place throughout the day. The opulent nightlife and five-star casino resorts are what made Sin City famous, but there is much more to Sin City than this, and it can all be found in the city and its surrounds, which can offer a lot to the average traveler.

Most tourists forget about the amazing things that are also accessible there because of the city’s reputation for gambling and partying. Visit gun for more information and to see if we missed anything.
Without further ado, here are some non-obvious things you can do and see in LV.


As with any large city, LV provides its tourists with an abundance of high-quality programming, including performances, dances, and dazzling acts. Here in Las Vegas, you may see some of the top performances in the entire globe. Most people tend to overlook them, but there have been performances, fights, and other events in Las Vegas that, while technically taking place at a resort or casino, qualify as shows. If you want to check out some of these, keep an eye out for the announcement of the upcoming major show.

Holbrook Dam

There is one location that outdoor enthusiasts shouldn’t miss, and that is the renowned Hoover Dam. Most people think this location sounds a little dull, but there is a sense you get when you visit the dam and witness it in action that is difficult to describe. Something about this building, the heights, and the surrounding landscape is both stunning and terrifying at the same time.

Rock Canyon, Red

Red Rock Canyon is another beautiful place you should see. Those mountains and the surrounding area are amazing, and you can drive around them in a circle while stopping at specific locations to shoot images that will take your breath away. If you frequently visit during a sunset or sunrise, you will understand why it is so alluring and enchanting. Although the colours and feelings are difficult to describe, once you experience them for yourself, you will understand.

Las Arepas viva!

Visit the Old LV and taste the food at Viva Las Arepas if you are hungry or tired while seeking for these new places outside of casinos and hotels. The meal is fantastic, delicious, and the pricing are really reasonable. You get the advantage of viewing Las Vegas in a different light than the ones that are shining on the strip, and the atmosphere is fantastic.

National Park of Death Valley

It’s a little journey to get to this attraction from Las Vegas, but trust me, it’s worth it. This trip to the national park will leave you with a variety of emotions, and to be quite honest, it’s a little intense. The majority of us are unaware of how hot it is, therefore you must be well-prepared for this. The salt flats get quite hot, so if you want to have a better experience, go there either early in the morning or later in the evening. You should also stock up on water. Avoid the visits in the afternoon at all costs.

Sky Battle Ace

This is an excellent place to stop and check out the attraction. For those of you who adore the rush of adrenaline and feel like daredevils, it will be a dream come true. There are several packages available here that you can select according on your level of expertise or fear (or lack thereof), and there is no way that you could pick the wrong person. It depends entirely on you and your abilities whether you want to be a passenger or a pilot. You have about 10 options and combination of those to pick from, which is a tremendous deal for such a wonderful product.

Highway ET

In the UFO community, the extraterrestrial highway is the most well-known. If you are interested in UFOs and anything related to them, this is THE roadway where the majority of UFO encounters occurred. It is a little unsettling since, for miles in either direction, there is nothing except that highway and one white mailbox that belongs to a farmer who lives far away from the mailbox. The fact that Area 51 is just next to the highway is a benefit and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit the location, but only where you can. Don’t wander into Area 51 or you risk getting into serious trouble.

Big Canyon

Do we really need to explain this? Everyone should go to the Grand Canyon at least once in their lifetime. The specific location we’re referring to is the Grand Canyon West, which is reachable as a day trip from Las Vegas.

Buses that let you get on and off at various spots throughout the Grand Canyon are available, and they all have gift shops where you may pick up something to take home as a memento of your visit. Though the view is not particularly stunning, be sure to snap lots of photos.

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