15 Christmas Vacation Locations

Christmas is quickly approaching, which is one of the best times of year to travel. It is always a special time of year, and if you enjoy hot chocolate, holiday decorations, reunions with family, and sweaters, it may be your Christmas Vacation.

There are so many options for where to spend Christmas and New Year’s Eve. We’ll look at 15 places where you and your family can spend the Christmas holidays this winter.

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USA: New York

New York is a city that changes with the seasons. And the holidays are a great time to travel to New York.

There is a ton to see and do in NYC during the holidays, including Christmas lights, Broadway Christmas productions, winter towns, seasonal markets, and ice skating. Be advised that temperatures might drop as low as -10C during this time of Christmas Vacation.

2. London, England

One of the most attractive destinations to visit throughout the Christmas season is Paris, which is not far from London.
Famous Christmas markets exist and should definitely be visited, particularly the one on Champs-Elysées. Moreover, the Galeries Lafayettes, Printemps, Champs-Elysées, and other locations across the city have beautiful Christmas decorations and windows.

Last but not least, you must visit a restaurant that serves the French Christmas specialties of foie gras, truffles, chestnuts, oysters, and champagne.

4. Alps

You can visit the Alps if you want a Christmas vacation with a more athletic vibe.
Actually, there are numerous locations where you can spend Christmas in a spectacular way. Whether you want to visit the French side of the mountain, Les Arcs, Courchevel, or Megève all offer world-class skiing as well as opulent resorts. You have the option of choosing to stay with your family in the infamous homes known as “chalets.”

Courmayeur, located in the Italian Alps, is the ideal location for Christmas. The mountains have a stunning perspective of the Alps ranges and are completely covered in snow.

5. Maldives, 

You should visit the Maldives Islands if you want to enjoy the sun, beaches, and crystal-clear sea. It is a wonderful island with gorgeous surroundings. Spend your Christmas vacation at an opulent resort where you may relax and sip cocktails in the sunshine.

6. Seychelles

The Seychelles Islands are a great place to visit if you’re seeking for another tropical paradise. The typical image of the Christmas holidays is not swimming with dolphins and turtles in crystal-clear ocean water. Nonetheless, we can assure you that the Seychelles Islands should be your top choice for your Christmas vacation if you enjoy white sand, staying in waterfront villas, beach parties, and seafood.

7. Japan: Hokkaido

After this little trip through the sweltering heat, we’ll return to the more “typical” Christmas celebrations. Japan’s Hokkaido is a fantastic place to visit during this time. The city is beautiful with heavy snow and a unique Christmas display for the season, despite the fact that it is not the normal destination. Since it is one of the top ski resorts in the world, you can also choose to go skiing. In Sapporo, try the renowned miso ramen or curry soups, which will warm you up because the weather can get rather chilly at this time of year.

8. Shanghai 

We’ll return to the more “typical” Christmas celebrations after this little adventure into the heat. A excellent place to visit during this time is Hokkaido in Japan. Although it is not a common travel destination, the city is beautiful with deep snow and a unique holiday display. One of the top resorts in the world, you can also choose to go skiing there. Try some of Sapporo’s well-known miso ramen or curry soups to warm yourself up because the weather can get rather chilly at this time of year.

Beijing, China

11. Lapland, Finland

For a genuine Christmas experience and a range of other winter activities including snowmobile, skiing, and reindeer rides, travel to Finnish Lapland. There are beautiful snowscapes to see at this time, and where better to go than Santa’s house?

12. Singapore 

Singapore is a fantastic place to travel at this time of year as well. You must go to the Orchard Road shopping district to see the holiday decorations. Eat delicious meals in either the city’s foodie neighbourhoods or at fine dining establishments in Gardens by the Bay.

13. Barbados 

Have a fantastic Caribbean cruise that stops at Barbados Island. Swim in the magnificent azure waters and then relax on the beach with a wonderful rum. There are also wonderful resorts with cutting-edge spas.

14. Romania’s Transylvania is 

Unusual but magnificent because of the surrounding snow-capped mountains during the Christmas season. Discover the region’s ancient customs, gorgeous scenery, and historic buildings.

15. Seoul, South Korea 

Seoul is always a special location to visit, but at Christmas it becomes even more so. Due to the alteration of the shops and streets during this particular season, it has an unusual vibe. See the city while enjoying traditional Korean Christmas fare.

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