12 Helpful Suggestions for First Time Visitors to Vietnam

You need to be aware of what to anticipate while traveling to a new country in order to assure your contentment. Making a plan and learning as much as you can about the area before boarding the plane is the best course of action since if you arrive in a new place blind, you might be perplexed and occasionally unpleasantly surprised. You’ve come to the perfect site if you want to learn more about Vietnam or if you want to travel there. Read on to discover some useful advice you should be aware of before making your first trip for the first time.

1. Determine whether you require a visa.

Even if there are a few exceptions, you should be aware that the majority of individuals require a visa in order to enter Vietnam. The first thing you should do is check online to determine if your country’s residents need to obtain a visa in order to travel to Vietnam. If this is required, you can quickly take care of it by submitting a permit application online. Discuss with your agency what you can do to simplify the procedure as much as you can.

2. Download maps at all times

It is advised that you always have a map downloaded to your phone whether you are traveling alone, with your family, or in a big group. There are various taxi services available here, and you may also take public transportation, but keep in mind that you will also be walking quite a bit. So that you can navigate the area simply, have your map on your phone at all times.

3. Not every season will be favorable for travel.

Wherever you stay will have a different climate, and the summers can be very hot. It is preferable to travel to the country in the spring or fall if you don’t want to deal with the intense heat and humidity. Always take warmer clothing as well because the weather can change quickly.

4. Wear modest attire.

Pack modest clothing if you want to treat people with respect. Avoid wearing clothing that reveals too much cleavage, but this does not require you to modify your style or feel warm wherever you go. It is advised to have a thin scarf with you that will keep you covered from changing weather and modest at all times.

5. Using a service is preferable.

You shouldn’t travel on your alone if this is your first time in the nation. You might even become lost as a result of how difficult things can become. Use a travel agency if you don’t want to stress over what to do or how to get to the destination you want to go.

Visit for more details on how the best service can assist you with your travel, planning, and excursions.

6. Don’t just use credit cards

Many locations across the nation do not accept purchases made only with credit or debit cards, and some eateries only accept cash payments. Remember that the majority of gift shops and even tiny stores will not accept your card, so always have cash with you. It is advised to carry little notes with you and store larger ones in a different location.

7. The weather is subject to sudden changes.

When we think of the seasons changing, we typically assume that the weather will not significantly alter when it is warm and vice versa when it is cold. The weather in Vietnam is unpredictable, so bring layers of clothing and accessories that will keep you warm while also allowing your skin to breathe.

8. You must buy travel insurance

Everywhere you go, including this country, you must have travel insurance. You can purchase the insurance in advance of your trip, but you shouldn’t neglect this step. Make sure you have protection in case you need to visit the hospital because tourists have been known to experience bad reactions to the local cuisine.

9. Protect your possessions

Pickpocketing occurs all throughout the world, so if you’re a tourist or are travelling somewhere for the first time, you should be aware of how to keep your possessions secure. Don’t store everything in the same bag or pocket, and if at all possible, choose lightweight pouches that may be worn on your body and concealed beneath clothing.

10. You must organize your airport transfer.

The transportation options can occasionally be a little confusing, especially if you don’t travel abroad frequently. Make sure you schedule the airport transfer in advance because it can be difficult to get a local taxi and it is quite simple to con tourists everywhere. You can obtain something if you use a service.  sorted out on time, and if you travel with your own arrangement, make sure you book things before you arrive.

11. Knowing a few basic words and phrases is always helpful.

Learning a few basic phrases before you travel is usually advised, just as when visiting any new country. Try to pick up skills that will make getting around easier while also preparing you for the possibility of becoming lost. Even if the majority of native English speakers would understand you, it still helps to have some basic knowledge.

12. You must leave a tip here.

Finally, you should be aware of proper behaviour when visiting a foreign nation. In Vietnam, you will undoubtedly visit coffee shops and restaurants. No matter where you stay, you should be aware that tips typically range from 10% to 20%. You may need to leave the tip on the table other times, or it may be automatically added to your bill.

Don’t forget to bring a good camera and have enough space on your phone for hundreds of shots because this is one of the most picturesque spots on earth. Vietnam must be visited if you have the opportunity, and if you do, you will undoubtedly want to return.

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